OTC Global Holdings LP (OTCGH), the largest independent commodity voice broker and the top liquidity provider on ICE and CME for North American energy products, is distributing its EOXLive Active Markets on the Vela Store. All Vela customers can access EOXLive’s unique commodities market information and liquidity on Vela. The initial rollout features bids, offers and last traded prices for natural gas options and futures, with future expansion into OTCGH’s broader set of commodities markets, which include power, petrochemicals, crude, refined products, metals, agricultural, weather and emission derivatives markets. In future, customers will also be able to submit and manage EOXLive orders, and generate Vela pricing and Greeks on EOX instruments.

EOX Holdings LLC (EOX) is registered as an Introducing Broker with the National Futures Association (NFA). EOX delivers the EOXLive platform and services, as well as unique and comprehensive market data and introducing broker (IB) services. EOX Holdings LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of OTC Global Holdings. To subscribe for EOXLive markets, visit http://www.otcgh.com/eox or contact EOXLive via email: operations@eoxlive.com, AIM: eoxops orphone: 877-737- 8511.

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