OptionsCity FIA Winner Enjoys Weekend with a McLaren

Posted 23rd November 2016

Back in October, over 1000 FIA conference attendees entered the OptionsCity drawing for their chance to win a weekend with a McLaren. It was a fitting giveaway for OptionsCity, a trading software company driven by performance and innovation. The lucky winner drawn at random was Tony Feeney, an employee at Societe Generale. Well, we recently received an email back from Tony sharing his weekend experience with the McLaren.  See below for his recap of the weekend. Congrats again Tony!

Dear OptionsCity,
I had the McLaren 2 weekends ago, Fri Nov 11th - Sun 13th! I dealt with Abe Quigley with McLaren USA. He was great and very accommodating. He had the car trucked out, and he flew out and drove the car to my home on Friday afternoon. He ran through the functionality of the car - it seemed like a crash course on how to drive a rocketship! However, it was really easy to drive. That Friday was my 10-year wedding anniversary. We drove downtown for dinner, and, of course, when we got onto I-290 it was bumper to bumper traffic as there was a Hawks game. Funny how everyone lets you merge with no issue when you are driving a McLaren. That doesn’t happen when I'm driving our Chevy Traverse! Traffic opened up around Racine and I got to open it up a little. When we were downtown everyone was looking and taking pics of the car. Then we pulled up front of the Capitol Grille and I was wondering if the valet knew how to drive the car. He looked at the inside of the car and told me to pull up one car length, and that is where the car was staying.  After dinner, we took the "long way home". On Saturday I drove a lot of family and friends around town. And, on Sunday my wife and I took a long morning drive. The McLaren has a lot of power and handles so smoothly. I could take a 90-degree turn at 30mph and the McLaren made it feel like 15mph with no slippage and you didn’t get thrown out of your seat. It was an awesome driving experience. I cannot thank OptionsCity enough for this opportunity!
Tony Feeney

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