Growing and enhancing operations trading functionality

Posted 11th July 2018

The client had a large number of existing vendor relationships and legacy products, most of which were rigid, out-of-the-box solutions with limited functionality. The existing solutions were also not specifically tailored or particularly relevant to the client’s core business as a market maker. In addition, the client had no centralized risk application and was further exposed on the risk side by having a number of outstanding contracts with other vendors. In its place, the client was seeking a trading platform which could be utilized across all its trading desks but without the need to be contractually tied to multiple vendors.

Vela’s low-latency, high-throughput electronic trading platform Metro was a good fit for the client’s immediate technology needs, while also providing more than the traditional support model to allow the flexibility for the client to further grow and enhance its options trading functionality as required.

Read this case study to learn more about how the client is now able to access all major US and European options markets via Vela's Metro Trading Platform.

Growing and enhancing operations trading functionality

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