Terminal Usage Optimization

Vela's Terminal Usage Optimization suite enables firms to rationalize their use of premium services, such as Bloomberg terminals, with comprehensive reporting into usage of market data subscriptions.

The service includes access to the DART Portal, a business intelligence interface that provides high level dashboards as well as more granular data. Value Added Reports provide insight into how terminals are being used, including user and desk profiling, peer-to-peer benchmarking, top functions, and various usage heat maps.

  • Client Challenges
  • Solution Benefits
Client Challenges

Reducing Costs

There is pressure in the financial technology industry to identify areas where cost savings can be made and focus on this has turned to market data spend.

Vendor Negotiation

Financial firms have little visibility into how vendor products are used in their organization and thus find it hard to renegotiate contracts.

Reducing Vendor Lock-In

Although there are many alternatives to the incumbent market data vendors, switching is impeded by lack of transparency into how the products are actually used in the organization.

Solution Benefits

Available Across Multiple Platforms

Terminal Usage Optimization currently provides usage solutions for Bloomberg terminals.

We are continually expanding this solution based on customer demand.

Cost Savings

The Terminal Usage Optimization solution rapidly identifies unused and underused market data services providing cost optimizations that lead to significant return on investment.


The analysis and reporting provides visibility into how market data services are used, empowering you with evidence to renegotiate contracts and replace services with cheaper alternatives.

Customizable Reporting

The reports produced are fully customizable and supported by the Vela DART Data Analyst team. New reports are continually being added based on client demand.

Operations & Support

Terminal Usage Optimization isn't just reporting software. It's backed by our team of expert analysts who help to reduce your market data costs without having to retain an expensive on-site consultancy.

Vela's DART Data Analysts pro-actively monitor system health and help to train your users and support their ongoing analysis.

What is it?

A set of tools and services to track market data usage across your organization.

Who is it for?

Market data managers, administrators and business analysts at any firm that uses premium market services who need to track, understand and optimize the use of these services.

What does it provide?

A complete picture of terminal usage to help clients better manage their terminal spend. Available for Bloomberg.

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