Ticker Plant

The Vela Ticker Plant is a feed handling solution providing ultra-low latency, normalized access to over 250 venues, with global coverage and support for all major asset classes.  Delivered via a single, high-performance, flexible and unified API, as either a software-only deployment or with optional FPGA integration, for lowest possible, determinsitic latencies. 

Key features include:

  • A unified API for all exchanges, technologies and distribution modes
  • Advanced book building for price level and order-by-order books
  • Composite order books to provide a comprehensive view of liquidity across multiple venues, e.g., EBBO, NBBO, Options BBO and custom composite configurations
  • Line arbitration and support for native recovery mechanisms to ensure full feed resiliency
  • All content is normalized to Vela's Market Data Model
  • Software deployments optimized for commodity hardware with custom kernel bypass implementation
  • Pcap recording and replay live data capture with nanosecond precision timestamps
  • In-process library integration to run on the same trading application server, or deployed as a fully managed Ticker Plant apppliance
  • Multicast or TCP distribution to connect client applications on separate machines
  • Additional enterprise distribution options to power an organization’s complete market data needs including symbology look-up, conflation and delayed services
  • Support for third-party vendor protocols, e.g., OpenMAMA, RFA, TREP
  • Vendor-neutral entitlements control and reporting system for full policy and audit compliance and effective data and cost controls
  • APIs support C++, C# and Java and run on Windows and Linux

Vela’s Ticker Plant software and appliances enable access to critical, time-sensitive market data events through a single API designed to power critical trading applications while reducing total cost of ownership.

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