Execution Gateways

Vela Execution Gateways are a software-based market access solution providing a normalized interface to trade on global markets across all regions and asset classes. The gateways provide fast, scalable and reliable order and quote management for all forms of electronic trading systems and the necessary tools to deliver a true DMA offering.

Key features include:

  • A unified API for all major global trading venues and liquidity pools
  • High-performance, proprietary binary API or industry standard FIX
  • Inline pre-trade risk checks enable real-time control of client and internal flow
  • Broker/Client workflow tools for operational monitoring and control
  • Support for multiple order and quote types including synthetic orders
  • Full order state management supporting intraday recovery
  • Granular kill switch functionality compliant with major regulations, e.g., MiFID II
  • Configurable FIX drop copy for audit and compliance
  • Complete visibility of order status and trade flow through the gateway
  • Kernel bypass technology for TCP acceleration to achieve the lowest possible latency without the need for specialist equipment
  • In-process library integration to run on the same trading application server
  • Ability to run as a standalone application for multiple clients/trading applications to connect
  • APIs support C++, C# and Java and run on Windows and Linux

Vela Execution Gateways remove the complexity of accessing multiple different markets and complying with an ever-changing regulatory landscape, while achieving leading performance to execute first and reduce slippage costs.

DMA Platform

Vela’s award-winning DMA platform is a fully managed service to simplify the complexity of accessing global liquidity. 


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