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A complete range of complementary high-performance technology offerings designed to shape the future of trading.

  • Software

    The Vela Stack delivers unique, ultra-low latency technology to power firms’ global, electronic trading activities. Available as a series of modular components, Vela's software enables access to all major asset classes and liquidity centers to successfully execute latency-sensitive trading strategies, manage risk and access data across multiple markets. 

    Vela provides a range of flexible delivery options to achieve the scale, agility and operational efficiency required to be successful against a backdrop of increasingly global trading strategies, fragmented markets and continued pressures on capital.

    The Vela Stack delivers the performance, functionality and flexibility to maintain a lead in the marketplace by continually innovating, increasing agility and simplifying operations while navigating an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

    Ticker Plant

    The Vela Ticker Plant is a software-based feed handling solution providing ultra-low latency, normalized access to over 250 venues, with global coverage and support for all major asset classes.

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    Execution Gateways

    Vela’s Execution Gateways are a software-based market access solution providing a normalized interface to trade on over 150 markets across all regions and asset classes.

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    Trading Platform

    Vela’s Trading Platform, Metro, is a high-performant server-based system for customizable, latency sensitive automated and algorithmic trading strategies.

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    Risk and Analytics

    Vela’s Risk and Analytics software provides comprehensive tools for real time control, monitoring and alerting of positions and exposure.

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