Vela Entitlements (aka DART Entitlements) is an entitlements and usage reporting system that ensures compliance with the requirements of vendors, exchanges, and clients. Vela Entitlements provides clients with the control necessary to optimize their market data services and avoid fines for non-compliance by managing user and application access to fee-liable data.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Vendor-agnostic system allows users to create custom service definitions to entitle any publishing source with off-the-shelf support for major consolidated feed providers
  • Compliant access and control system to ensure users and applications only have access to data permissioned
  • Portal provides modern, browser-based responsive user interface and Web Service API for programmatic control and integration with internal systems
  • Support for concurrent access controls, content, and subject based entitlements and dynamic entitlements updates
  • Integrated report suite for entitlements, audits, and usage
  • Built on secure auditable database that can be directly queried
  • Open Entitlements API allows control of any downstream application as well as off-the-shelf integration with OpenMAMA (Enterprise) API
  • Flexible deployment options available as software, managed service, and as-a-Service

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