DMA Platform

Vela’s Direct Market Access Platform

Vela’s award-winning direct market access platform simplifies the complexity of accessing global liquidity. The DMA platform delivers a fully hosted, managed and operated service for order entry, execution, pricing and pre- and post-trade risk management, supported by a strong clearing member ecosystem. The DMA platform provides low-latency access to a range of venues through a normalized interface on demand.

DMA platform key features:

  • Ultra-low latency access to major futures and options markets
  • Deployed in major exchange co-location data centers
  • Binary and FIX APIs provide options for speed versus convenience
  • Globally compliant pre-trade risk controls for brokers and buy-side clients
  • Support for true DMA via a light-weight set of performant APIs
  • Normalized, direct pricing feeds for all connected trading venues
  • Extensive ecosystem including over 20 clearing firms pre-conformed and available on the platforms
  • Drop copy and kill switch functionality for audit and compliance
  • APIs support C++, C# and Java and run on Windows and Linux
  • Delivered as-a-Service with zero infrastructure required on client side
  • Flat pricing model based on a per-market fee; no transaction-based pricing

Direct Market Access Platform Benefits

Vela’s direct market access platform removes the burden of connecting and managing the infrastructure required in today’s trading environment.  Market participants can focus on core business by using a write once approach and gaining access to our DMA platform’s hosted testbed environment before deploying into production.

See how Vela's DMA Platform works in action:

DMA Platform Diagram - How Vela's DMA Platform Works

Market-leading DMA Software

Vela’s DMA platform is architected on our market-leading direct market access software, engineered to provide high-performance multi-broker and multi-venue connectivity. This on-demand DMA software enables firms to capture trading opportunities and execute trading strategies across a host of global markets, exchanges, and trading venues.

The risk control elements of Vela’s Direct Market Access software allow end-user clients to benefit from their broker’s risk management and clearing services while brokers retain full and independent control of their clients’ trading risk. Vela’s DMA software automatically executes the risk controls at very low latency.

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