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A complete range of complementary high-performance technology offerings designed to shape the future of trading.

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    Vela delivers our Software “as-a-Service” through a set of award-winning platforms allowing on-demand access to trading, data and risk APIs. Vela provides an end-to-end solution including software, infrastructure, operations and support, to simply connect and go.

    All Vela platforms are supported by our award-winning managed services team and 24x7 follow-the-sun support.

    Our Platform-as-a-Service offering allows quick and easy access to the trading, data and analytics APIs required for integration into front-office trading applications, for on-demand access to ultra-low latency trading and market access technology.

    Market Data Feed

    Vela’s Market Data Feed, SuperFeed, is a fully hosted consolidated feed providing normalized access to multi-asset global markets.

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    DMA Platform

    Vela’s DMA platform is a fully provisioned service to simplify the complexity of accessing global liquidity.

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    Vela’s Trading Platform, Metro, is a high-performant server-based system for customizable, latency sensitive automated and algorithmic trading strategies.

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    Vela's Cloud provides access to trading and market data through a set of secure, scalable REST-based APIs

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    Vela Entitlements (aka DART Entitlements) is an entitlements and usage reporting system that ensures compliance with the requirements of vendors, exchanges, and clients.

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