Professional Services

Vela's Professional Services team offers expert consultancy to support client deployments. Our services reduce product deployment and implementation times, optimize product performance, increase effectiveness, and aid the support and operation of mission-critical systems.

The Professional Services team are technical experts with business experience. We have a global reach and offer onsite consultants where required to meet business needs. Our services include the following:

  • Product Training
  • Design
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Project Management
  • Integration Services
  • Custom Development
  • Operations and Support - short and long-term onsite staff placement
  • Audit & Quantitative Analysis of Client Environment
  • Environmental Assessment and Best Practice Consulting
  • Solution Benefits
Solution Benefits

No one knows our products as well as we do.

We have a proven track record of successfully assisting in many client implementations, including within some of the largest global financial institutions.

Time to Market

Our services can help to minimize deployment time by having a dedicated expert onsite to configure, install and/or manage the required project resources.

Lack of Expertise

As part of our services we offer detailed training courses for all of our product offerings where attendees will gain knowledge to manage the solution more effectively.

Performance Issues

We can engage with you to carry out a review of your system performance and tune your deployment specifically for its purpose.

Operations & Support Issues

We can supplement your support team with an operations engineer or provide training to your support team over a short/mid/long-term basis.

Our consultants are the experts on the installation, configuration, and support of Vela products. These consultants are also available for the escalation and mentoring of long-term operational resources.

What is it?

A consultancy service that supports client deployments, optimizes product performance, and supports mission critical systems.

Who is it for?

Clients that wish to leverage the expert knowledge of Vela in rolling out and administering our product suite.

What does it provide?

Competitively-priced consultancy services that includes installation, deployment, integration, and training to complement all of our products.

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