Managed Services

Vela products and services deliver robust, integrated solutions for all market participants, from single traders to tier one investment banks. From a single provider, these can be offered as fully deployed, hosted, managed, or on-demand service.

Vela Managed Services provide end-to-end operational support for all aspects of the Vela product set, allowing clients to focus internal resources on application integration and development efforts.

Through our Managed Service, clients have access to a professional talent pool of trained technical consultants with a wealth of experience in successful production deployments.

  • Client Challenges
  • Solution Benefits
  • Key Features
Client Challenges

Cost of Infrastructure

Network infrastructure, server hardware, and software in trading environments is expensive. Significant investment is required to receive, manage, and provide support for market data. 

The Right Skills To Deliver Projects on Time

Having access to experienced operational support staff for your trading environment is key to help mitigate risk, support reliable change management, and most importantly get your projects delivered on schedule.

Staff Attrition 

The number of skilled resources in trading technology is small, making them expensive and often hard to retain. Outsourcing your technology deployments provides obvious long-term benefits.

Application Monitoring

Building a monitoring system is often more complex than deploying the system that is being monitored in the first place. Often these projects are not well understood, and result in half baked monitoring systems making it to production causing many problems post go live.

Solution Benefits

Best Practice

A key feature of Managed Services is standardized, best practice software deployment. This allows for a fast time-to-market and production ready roll-out.

Pro-Active Monitoring

The Managed Service team develops a system ‘run-book’ for each client, outlining all aspects of the software deployment, procedures and monitoring.

Worldwide Coverage

Managed Services uses a ‘follow the sun’ model to facilitate 24x7 and market hours service offerings, with client support desks across New York, Belfast, and Manila.

Key Features

Why Managed Services?

  • Flexible resourcing, reducing internal operating costs
  • Standardized, rapid enterprise rollouts, facilitating faster time to market
  • Proactive monitoring, reducing system management overheads
  • Scalability - fitting solutions of all sizes
  • Development of system “run-book”
  • Reduction of project and ongoing operational risk
  • Mitigate risks presented by staff attrition 

What is it?

A fully managed deployment and global operational support solution for all aspects of the Vela product set.

Who is it for?

Market data consumers that want to focus internal resources on developing applications and focusing on their core business.

What does it provide?

Access to a pool of experienced production engineers with a wealth of experience in successful production deployments and monitoring procedures - available 24x7 with support desks in U.S., UK and Asia.

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