New features and enhancements to Metro 6.3 and Dynamic Skew App 4.4

Posted 08th December 2020

2D Vol Surface and 2Day ATM IV Charting

Vela is pleased to announce the latest features and enhancements available in Metro version 6.3 and the Dynamic Skew App (DSA) version 4.4.

Metro 6.3

  • Connectivity to ED&F Man’s Smart Order Router for executing US Equities and Equity Options
  • Cboe C1 Quoting Features for utilizing multiple sessions and canceling quotes via exchange purge port
  • Previously released Metro 6.3 features include revamped strike report, bumped Greeks in the Tradesheets, and enhancements for linking vol curves

Dynamic Skew App 4.4

  • New ‘Extreme Volatility Conditions’ mode ensures your values keep up with fast markets
  • At-the-money Implied Volatility Charting feature
  • New ability to customize and fix wing slopes
  • Cutoff times for curve publishes to limit unnecessary updates

Contact your account manager to learn more about these new features and to schedule an upgrade. See complete documentation in the what's new section of our Documentation Portal.

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