Vela honoured with US-Ireland Top 50 Companies award for its successful transatlantic operations

Posted 19th June 2017

New York, Belfast, 19 June 2017 – Vela, a global leader in high performance trading and market data technology, was honoured on Friday as one of the US-Ireland Top 50 Companies.

The awards, which were announced during a gala luncheon at the New York/New Belfast conference, hosted by Irish Echo, the USA’s largest and most widely read Irish American weekly, aim to celebrate 50 major companies with operations in the US and Ireland for their transatlantic operations.

Vela employs over 180 people worldwide. Headquartered in New York with an office in Belfast, it also has presence in other locations including London, Chicago, Pune, and Manila. Approximately 50% of the staff, particularly its engineering and client services teams, are located in Belfast. In addition to senior and middle-level positions, the firm also taps into the rich talent pool of local graduates as they continue to expand in both regions.

Following a recent visit to Northern Ireland, Jen Nayar, CEO of Vela, had commented on the high calibre of graduates and professionals in the ICT and Fintech sectors as a key reason for its commitment to the region. She also recognised that as well as their knowledge and skills, it is also their strong work ethic, and can-do attitude that make these potential employees an ideal fit for Vela, values that she believes have been implanted on this side of the Atlantic as well.

“At Vela, teamwork, technology excellence, efficiency, focus, integrity, and reliability are our key working principles; they drive everything we do and we share them with colleagues across both sides of the Atlantic,” said Nayar. “Being honoured as one of the US-Ireland Top 50 Companies is an acknowledgement I am proud of as it highlights our commitment to grow and support the future.”

In its tenth year, the event saw Constance Hunter, Chief Economist of KPMG and Daniel Dromm, NYC City Council member and Chair of the Education Committee open the proceedings and highlight the positive collaboration between two great cities such as New York and Belfast. Previous winners who have received the plaudit in recent years for their high performing operations in both territories include movie makers, scientists, tech companies, and engineers.

Ray O’Hanlon, Editor of the Irish Echo, said, “The unmistakable and unbreakable bonds between Ireland and the US have proven a key element in Ireland’s progression, both in terms of peace and prosperity. Those bonds grow ever stronger when underpinned by economic growth and business relationships. With the Ireland-US Top 50, we acknowledge those companies like Vela Trading Technologies whose transatlantic operations support that ongoing development and welcome them to this illustrious list of business beacons.”


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