Budapest Stock Exchange

Terms Specific to Market Data provided by Budapest Stock Exchange (“BSE”).

If Client’s service includes Market Data provided by BSE, the following additional terms apply:

  1. Clients who subscribe to BSE Market Data for Private Use declare that they enter into this Agreement as natural persons on their own behalf and exclusively for their own benefit and agree to provide valid proof of identity on request.
  2. In any display created by Client that incorporates the BSE Market Data, Client shall ensure that Delayed and End-of-Day Information are clearly labelled and the period of delay or time of original transmission of BSE Market Data is noted in all displays of Delayed and End-of Day Information; and
  3. Client shall comply with any other BSE Market Data display requirements as BSE may specify in Information Policies from time to time.
  4. Definitions:
    1. “Private Use” means the use of BSE Market Data by a Client who is a natural person for the purpose of managing Client’s own personal investments and not for any business purpose, nor for the purpose of giving any advice to any other person.
    2. “Delayed Information” means all BSE Market Data disseminated with a delay of minimum 15 minutes after being generated.
    3. “End-of Day Information” means BSE Market Data provided after close of trading that reflects the activity of the same trading day.


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