Athens Exchange S.A.

Terms Specific to Market Data provided by Athens Exchange S.A. (“ATHEX”)

If Client’s service includes Market Data provided by ATHEX, the following additional terms apply:

  1. Client:
    1. recognizes that ATHEX owns the Intellectual Property Rights to the ATHEX Market Data;
    2. recognizes that the ATHEX Market Data is provided subject to the terms of a separate agreement with ATHEX;
    3. recognizes the restrictions on third party redistribution of ATHEX Market Data as agreed with ATHEX;
    4. shall provide ATHEX and/or Vela upon a request of ATHEX or of Vela, with all information requested by ATHEX or Vela for auditing or compliance purposes in accordance with article 10 of the ATHEX Market Data distribution agreement, especially as to historical record keeping;
    5. permits an audit to be carried out by Vela , ATHEX or their appointed representatives;
    6. recognizes its obligation to use the ATHEX Market Data only for its own internal business use; and
    7. accepts, in case that an underpayment of ATHEX fees is revealed in any way due to the ATHEX Market Data usage by Client in breach of the terms of the ATHEX Market Data usage as specified in this Agreement, to be directly responsible for the payment of such fees directly to ATHEX.
  2. In case of non-payment or non-compliance by Client with the conditions set out in this Agreement, Vela shall cease disseminating the ATHEX Market Data to such Client and shall notify ATHEX.
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