Peter McCauley

Peter McCauley

Lead DevOps Engineer Belfast


I manage the DevOps team that is tasked with looking after Vela’s Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) frameworks. This involves building and maintaining the frameworks which are used twofold: for client deliverables and internal applications. While my role is mostly internal to the business, a lot of the output is for the benefit of our clients. Sometimes our work is project based. For instance, we are currently engaged in an initiative where we are building out the CI framework even further. This would include more products and operating systems with more granular reporting. What Vela envisages for our clients and what we are able to achieve with technology advances means that the pace of developments within our organization can be pretty quick.

Daily life

I hold a daily scrum with my team so that we are all in the loop with our current projects and how we are progressing with them. This in turn leads into a weekly scrum where the team is able to showcase what we all have been doing and what has been achieved during the week. I think this gives us all a feeling of achievement and an opportunity to support other team members on different projects too. While my hours are typically a normal working week, there are occasions where I will work over late nights and weekends. This is mainly planned such as when applications need to be taken offline for maintenance.

Working environment

Every day at Vela is different for me, and that’s what I really enjoy about my job. I work across multiple products and operating systems, so it can be challenging but also invigorating to support all of our internal processes. One application might have a whole host of technology services to build and run it, so I am exposed to a wide range of technologies across multiple stacks. My contributions to the team at Vela were recognized early in my career and it led me to be able to reach the Team Lead role sooner than expected. I attribute this first to Vela’s culture and also the really warm welcome I received and still receive from my peers. Working with such a great team motivates me to do my best, and that has paid dividends for me.

I was able to travel a little with the business, including attending a technical conference with a colleague in Amsterdam. We are a close knit team and often have nights out together or get a little bit of competitive spirit going with the occasional snooker match so I’m looking forward to when we can all get together again.

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