Peter McCabe

Peter McCabe

Business Manager, Data Services Belfast


I work in a client-facing role as Lead Data Analyst within the Product Operations group. My role involves supporting the sales and account management teams, driving the communication of products, building reports and also onboarding new clients. My responsibilities also include training clients and junior team members in addition to providing them with technical support.

Daily Life

Every morning starts with coffee! I enjoy this moment to check emails and establish my priorities for the working day. One of the best parts of my role is interacting with my colleagues, whether it’s collaborating with them here in the Belfast office or on the phone from our other global offices.  

My typical day involves giving presentations to prospective clients, managing the onboarding process and working directly with our sales and support teams. Our typical clients range from Tier 1 investment banks to boutique hedge funds and our priority at Vela is to ensure all our clients have a positive experience.

Most days are spent building reports to provide clients with further analysis while problem solving both internally and externally. I spend time on a variety of projects; these include generating bespoke Business Intelligence (BI) reports for clients and automating emails for Exchange-Driven Changes (EDCs) using natural language processing and maintaining SQL and Python scripts.

Working Environment

I am based in the Belfast office, but I’ve had the opportunity to travel to London and New York to meet clients and manage projects internationally. There is a real social side to Vela and we often have nights out together as a team. It’s great that we all enjoy spending time together outside of the office. I really enjoy working with a broad variety of people.

There is a really collaborative and supportive atmosphere in the company. I recently completed a Masters in Data Science (Msc) qualification during which Vela was able to help me balance part- time education with full-time employment. For one of our projects, I used real-world data from Vela, which was mutually beneficial for me and the company. In the end, I excelled in the project and was thrilled to achieve a 1st!

I really enjoy taking data and translating this into visual insights for clients. A real highlight for me is when my team receives positive feedback from clients on their successes and achievements. This always gives us the incentive to continue working hard and providing the best service we can.

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