Miguel Fonseca

Miguel Fonseca

Sales Engineer New York


I have a two-fold role here at Vela working alongside the sales team on new opportunities and managing the proof of concept and onboarding phase for clients to ensure a smooth and timely process. By working with the client early on, it gives them a sense of cohesion and stability at the very start of their Vela journey. My goal is to always provide the best customer experience possible.

Market data is my area of focus and expertise. I work with the client to gather their technical requirements and assess all the potential products and services that best fit their needs. Clients are always looking to achieve greater efficiency with a cost-effective and future-proofed solution. Oftentimes a client has specific requirements and I will work with the development and product teams to ensure that their solution checks all the boxes in terms of feasibility, viability and long-term support.

Daily life

With Vela’s multiple locations across different time zones, my first action of the day is to check on any updates from my colleagues overseas. I then look after queries from clients while performing any testing that needs to be carried out against live data during US trading hours. I can also test and replicate in the Vela lab. This is particularly helpful when I’m writing troubleshooting tools.

In addition to supporting existing clients, I also work with new clients to complete the onboarding process before transitioning them to other internal teams that will support them going forward. I have regular brainstorming sessions with my teammates to share information, experiences, and lessons learned. This is especially important for us, but also for our clients.

Working environment

I joined Vela 13 years ago straight out of college and I am confident that I made the right decision for my career. I feel lucky to work for a company that really cares about its employees. Vela’s approach and culture encourages me to do my best. Every day brings a new learning experience which motivates me to get involved and be part of something innovative. I work with some great minds and fun people. It’s through these interactions with my teammates and colleagues that makes Vela a great place to work and an environment that helps expand my industry knowledge while allowing me to set my own personal goals.

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