Mehul Shaha

Mehul Shaha

Pune Lead Pune


As the Pune lead at Vela, my role involves the overall operation of the office and management of the team here in India. Many of the opportunities I have here are a result of the fact that we are a specialized, nimble business that develops extremely high-end technology solutions. The ability to get these opportunities at this point in my career was one of my main reasons for choosing to work at Vela, and as a result my career has progressed tremendously with my efforts being recognized and rewarded.

Daily Life

When I arrive at the office, I check all client tickets and implementation tasks that need to be completed. I then follow up with my colleagues to ensure they don’t have any issues preventing them from moving forward. Throughout the day I am involved in managing tasks, solving issues, communicating with our clients in Asia and ensuring the smooth running of the office.

Working Environment

One of my primary objectives is to promote effective collaboration and a happy overall working environment here in the office, and the fact that our team gets along so well is something I take great pride in. I have also been fortunate enough to travel to our other locations, and working with our colleagues globally has been particularly helpful. Since joining the company in 2013 I have spent seven weeks in London on-site with one of our major clients and have also visited our headquarters in New York for a couple of weeks to meet the team there. I look forward to more travel, as it is something I enjoy doing in my free time outside of work as well.

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