Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore

Engineering Belfast


I am a Software Quality Assurance Engineer within Vela’s engineering group. My job, at its most basic level, is to ensure that our software meets the high standards that our clients have for our platform.

Daily Life

The majority of my time is spent carrying out both manual and automated tests of our software to ensure the expected results are achieved. Prior to the actual software testing, however, there is a period of test planning, which involves not only devising the test plan itself but also the documentation process for our test management system. As part of this process I often liaise with the development team to gain more insight into the software and ensure I cover as many test cases as possible. Aside from performing the manual tests, I spend a considerable amount of my time writing automated testing scripts using a variety of programming languages. I also liaise with my project manager each day to review timelines, discuss work items and communicate delivery plans.

Working Environment

Vela’s Belfast office has a very strong social vibe, which is one of the primary factors that drew me here. There is a large communal area in the office, which includes a pool table, chess board, multiple TVs with games consoles and foosball; you can almost always find someone, especially at lunch time, willing to have a bit of fun. We have monthly social nights organized by the social committee as well, with a large attendance every month. And there are also a few of us who try to go out to lunch every Friday, typically to sample a new restaurant from around Belfast city. Aside from the social aspect I would say that the work here overall is very challenging and fast paced but hugely rewarding. There is a strong sense of teamwork, especially when closing in on a delivery date, when everyone pulls together and puts in some extra effort to get the job done. Finally, there is also a culture here that values employee empowerment; we are all encouraged to look for ways to innovate and improve process where possible. 

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