Margarita Valencia

Margarita Valencia

Senior Application Support Engineer Manila


I am the main point of contact for a number of Vela’s clients, working within the Client Services Team. I help resolve critical business and time-sensitive issues and respond to queries for clients relating to our software, primarily for our market data and execution products. My role requires me to communicate internally and externally around the globe. Being based in Manila allows me to support our growing APAC clients which is pretty exciting. In addition to this, I lead weekly calls with clients to ensure we provide the best possible support service.

Daily Life

I begin every day reading all the emails sent to me and segment them into priorities. At the same time, I summarize all the tasks I need to manage and develop within my working day. It is critical that I am able to properly prioritize my tasks and the progress I make on each project with clients. This ensures I don’t miss anything that is business critical.

When a new case is assigned to me, my first step is to study the reported inquiry. I check to see if all details have been presented and then analyze the steps required to investigate and troubleshoot.  I ensure my clients are updated on the progress for every issue they report. To do this effectively, I provide clients with daily updates and reports of my investigation. I finish each day by summarizing what I have achieved and what needs to be prioritized or carried forward to the next day.

Working Environment

I enjoy my job because I get a sense of fulfilment every time I solve an issue. I am able to work with teams both internally and externally. This has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my knowledge and expertise of not just my role, but the work completed by others within Vela.

I also get to work with Vela’s international teams. Last June, I was invited to visit the Belfast office. It was a memorable experience and I was truly humbled to be included in this trip. My experience going to Japan to visit clients was also a highlight of my career so far.

My team mates in the Manila office are great to be around and I’m proud to be part of the team here. As my first job straight from college, I really feel I made the right choice in joining Vela and embarking on my career here.

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