MacArthur Marshall

MacArthur Marshall

Production Engineer New York


As a Production Engineer on the Managed Services team, I am responsible for ensuring Vela’s software runs at peak performance on our clients’ production servers at all times. I provide guidance to clients in customizing and configuring the software to suit their unique requirements. I lead weekly status and support calls with clients to ensure that their production environments are optimized and any issues raised are resolved as quickly and appropriately as possible. This has enabled me to build a strong rapport with clients and has given me a better understanding of their requirements.

Daily Life

My day typically includes providing real-time, on-demand technical support for production issues and resolving client queries whether it is by phone, email, our ticketing support system or at in-person meetings. I want to ensure that our clients have the best possible user experience when using Vela’s products.

I enjoy that I never know what type of inquiry will come my way. It could be anything from a simple query to a request for major changes to their production systems. With clients from a diverse range of institution types and sizes, including a number of prestigious top tier firms, all have unique requirements which makes every day different and interesting.

Working Environment

Working at Vela means I am constantly learning new things and being exposed to new technology which are critical to me as an engineer to keep me engaged and challenged. Vela has also given me the opportunity to interact and work alongside my fun, supportive and very knowledgeable team members. With our global offices, I also have the opportunity to liaise with colleagues from different parts of the world.

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