Lauren Trapanotto

Lauren Trapanotto

Account Manager New York


My background is in Economics and I have spent my career in client-facing roles within the financial services industry.

At Vela, I am responsible for maintaining the sales and relationships for 30+ global financial institutions that use our product suite. I liaise between the client and internal points of contact across all levels and departments, negotiate contract renewals and upsells, navigate accounts to find areas of growth, coordinate client meetings, and proactively anticipate and act on clients’ needs, ultimately serving as the face of Vela.

Daily Life

Daily responsibilities vary, but my day begins in my inbox, where I review, sort, and respond to items, prioritizing based on time sensitivity. There are typically some internal Global Sales Team and Client Services meetings to ensure cross-departmental alignment. In addition to weekly check-in calls with accounts, I aim to meet with at least one client in-person every week.

Every Friday, I review my accounts to prioritize the following week’s tasks and outreach. To ensure I view my book of business at both the macro and micro levels, I conduct quarterly deep due diligence on all accounts, setting goals and tactics for client engagement. 

Working Environment

I love the breadth of my responsibilities as an Account Manager, but I especially enjoy building meaningful, trusting relationships with clients. I primarily cover New York City, Boston, and California, so I’ve had the opportunity to travel. I am also fortunate to work with an awesome immediate and extended team and have a manager who has been an amazing mentor. Working among talented and supportive (and fun!) people means I always look forward to coming to work.

Overall, being a part of Vela’s Account Management team is dynamic, fulfilling, and constantly evolving. I love being a part of the team that nurtures our clients and helps build our brand, and it is an amazing opportunity to be able to professionally grow as Vela grows, too!

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