Krishna Grace Engbino

Krishna Grace Engbino

Senior Application Support Engineer Manila


I am a Senior Application Support Engineer based in the Manila office servicing clients and communicating with exchanges globally. My expertise covers the full range of our products. As the first point of contact for clients, I am responsible for ensuring that we promptly resolve any queries and concerns as quickly as possible. I want the client to have the best possible user experience if they ever encounter an issue or challenge.

Daily Life

Every day is different. It starts with gathering status updates on any current issues and identifying the priorities for the day, which may change as the day progresses.  As the liaison between our clients and internal teams, the challenge could be anything. Some are straightforward, answering a question or pointing a client in the right direction. Others are more complex, requiring an understanding of the product capabilities, the client requirement, the potential solution, and the urgency. I investigate and troubleshoot issues and, where necessary, liaise with the appropriate team members to resolve the query, keeping the client updated with the status of the issue. I also lead weekly calls with a few of our major Asia Pacific clients.

Working Environment

I enjoy speaking to clients, working on the front lines in a fast-paced environment. It can be challenging at times but I am learning a lot and I feel very blessed to be part of a highly-adaptive and efficient team. Working in the client support team, I also have the opportunity to visit clients onsite occasionally and have enjoyed being able to travel abroad allowing me to explore new places, meet different people, and experience diverse cultures.

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