Keith Cacciola

Keith Cacciola

Global Head of Account Management New York


As Vela’s Global Head of Account Management, my role is pretty straightforward – to ensure that our clients globally are receiving the level of service and performance that we all expect, period. Doing this effectively requires that our team not only be intimately familiar with each of our clients and their individual needs, but also understand the many areas of our own business (technology, operations, finance, etc.) that impact our clients, as well as the macro business trends that affect us all.

Daily Life

Vela’s product suite can best be described using words such as sophisticated, dynamic and advanced.  Given the intricacies of these market data solutions and the global reach of the organization, Account Management at Vela strives to serve as an internal advocate for our clients. The end goal is to streamline the communication process, provide premium-level service as it relates to clients’ daily workflow, and also ensure that other teams are aware of how our clients are structured and use our products. Given the constantly evolving nature of our industry’s landscape, it is also imperative that account management consistently communicates with clients to ensure they are aware of our latest technology solutions. We must also demonstrate the ability to navigate complex organizations, create and maintain relationships with key decision makers and end users, and effectively communicate to other teams within Vela when dealing with client issues. Truly understanding client needs, in an effort to strategically develop new solutions for gaps in workflow, is a hugely important and an ongoing process.

Working Environment

Vela is based in midtown Manhattan, which is not only a primary center of the financial industry globally but also, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest cities in the world. Our location in NYC puts us in close proximity to a significant number of our clients, which affords us the opportunity to get in front of them on a fairly consistent basis.  I have the luxury of sharing office space with a broad cross-section of Vela employees; the Executive Team, Sales, Marketing, Development, Human Resources and IT.  The Leadership Team can best be described as pragmatic, focused on innovation, cognizant of the competitive landscape, and employing a strategy that keeps our company moving onwards and upwards. Additionally, and quite possibly more importantly, Management understands the value of its employees and constantly keeps their best interests in mind. The importance of values such as communication and transparency are consistently reinforced, and because of the team’s ability to effectively convey this, confidence is instilled on a global level. Whether we’re talking about NYC, Chicago, London, Belfast, Manila or Pune, Vela employees can be described as intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working and low maintenance.  Everyone understands their role and is eager to play their part in making this company as successful as possible.  It’s a place with a start up feel, but also a proven track record of success.  In short, it’s just an absolutely awesome place to work.

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