Kanchana Sunnapu

Kanchana Sunnapu

Network Engineer Belfast


I am based in Belfast and my role as a Network Engineer involves building and maintaining the day-to-day operations of the network connectivity internally as well as working with Vela’s clients to support their business flows. My goal is to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for the organization.

As part of the onboarding team, I help new clients connect to the right products and environment. Onboarding can involve designing, configuring, implementing and testing the end-to-end network routing, which is based on the unique requirements of each client. Alongside these daily responsibilities, I spend about half my time working on longer term projects. These projects can vary but include ongoing improvements to client connectivity, internal network improvements, enhancing monitoring and support services and creating new exchange connectivity for new Vela products. I am currently working on a project to improve our overall internal infrastructure which will lead to better results in end-to-end reachability.

Daily life

Both Vela and our clients exchange business across the globe at every moment of the day, and network availability is a critical part of that process. My day at Vela always starts with identifying and understanding any pressing issues. I will then prioritize my tasks with client connectivity being at the top of the list. An issue that directly impacts a client trading or their access to data via Vela always comes first and foremost. These types of issues can often be complicated as there might be a number of different technologies and network devices involved. I provide status updates to both the client and my internal team until the client confirms the issue is resolved.

Working environment

I get a real sense of achievement knowing that I am part of a team that helped solve a problem and get clients back working at full speed. I see each network issue as a new challenge and as an opportunity to expand my capabilities and knowledgebase.

My previous jobs always ticked one or two boxes in terms of my personal career goals, but Vela ticks all the boxes. The teams are so friendly and every day brings laughter, even as we are all working remotely. Vela is always keen to bring their international teams together, whether it was in person or nowadays virtually. I hope that my role here will eventually bring some travel opportunities, of course when it is safe to do so. After a recent operation, everyone at Vela was wonderful and supportive while I was recuperating. This really helped me to stay connected and showed me how important it is to work for such a positive organization.

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