Joyce Castillo

Joyce Castillo

Production Engineer II Manila


My key responsibility is providing operational technical support for our SuperFeed market data feed. As part of the Managed Services team, I also work across this unit whenever the need arises. My role is mostly client facing, offering technical support to our clients in the US. I also work alongside the Development team, assisting with feed handler certification and QA.

Daily life

I have learned to really focus on developing good habits and staying organized. My role can get busy, so keeping a task list and being on top of my workflow is key to a successful shift. I work nights in Manila, so good communication from my colleagues who work during the day makes all the difference in my ability to be efficient. Sometimes I come across difficult or unique issues, but I’ve learned how to handle them by determining the source of issues and identifying a solution quickly and efficiently. We all support each other as a team and that allows me to provide the best service possible and best outcome for the client. 

I start a typical shift with a SuperFeed health check before moving onto my emails. Client calls always take priority for me and after I am comfortable our clients are happy, I start reviewing support tickets. I also work on deploying software improvements, bug fixes and exchange driven changes. This allows me to expand my product knowledge and it also adds variety to my day.

Working environment

The team at Vela supports an environment for growth and technical advancement which is very important to me. Vela wants everyone to be successful and challenged and I think we achieve this as a business because not only does Vela have a strong work ethic, we also value teamwork and the individuals that make up the teams. I particularly like the cross-functional collaboration between teams because everyone works together to increase knowledge and skill sets as a whole. This way, Vela provides me with an opportunity to excel.

Vela provide the tools I need to make my job easier. Working from home isn’t an issue if the need arises. I learn new things all the time here at Vela, and have been able to develop both professionally and personally since I joined in 2012.

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