Jesse Garvey

Jesse Garvey

Senior Software Engineer Chicago


I am a Senior Software Engineer based in Vela’s Chicago office. My role is to develop, test and maintain software for our Execution product suite.

Daily Life

Every day begins with a scrum meeting. This allows me and other members of my team to lay down the foundation of what we would like to achieve during the coming day’s work. While no day is the same, more often than not I am problem solving in one way or another.  Most days I investigate and debug issues that are reported by clients to come up with appropriate solutions. My projects include updating trade adapters for exchange protocol changes.

Working Environment

I am relatively new to Vela and I am enjoying my time here. I am constantly learning and developing my skill set as I dig into the large code base. An environment that requires problem solving is hugely important to me because I have always enjoyed puzzles. At home, I have a large collection of Rubik’s Cube-like puzzles that I like to try and get my head around. For me, writing and debugging software is a style of problem solving that is similar to puzzles. It requires logical thinking, finding all the pieces and understanding how they all work together. It’s great to be able to use that part of my brain every day and bring my passion to my work.

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