Himani Yerneni

Himani Yerneni

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Chicago


As a senior QA engineer, I am responsible for ensuring that the software we deliver to our clients are of the highest quality in terms of functionality and performance. Working with other team members, my goal is to help build and improve our products and user experience for clients. My expertise covers the full range of our execution capabilities which includes our flagship DMA platform.

Daily Life

Each day brings with it different challenges and the opportunity to find efficient and effective ways to solve problems and improve the quality of our products. While I don’t have direct client engagement, my role contributes to client-facing activities such as ensuring the quality of our release notes and communications related to the delivery of new implementations and upgrades.

Working Environment

At Vela, there are always opportunities to step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to develop my skills, learn something new, and help my stakeholder sleep better at night! My role requires a deep understanding of proven QA techniques and processes as well as networking fundamentals. I joined Vela in April 2019, so as a relatively new employee, working at Vela has given me the opportunity to build on my existing technical knowledge and further extend my skill set.

I enjoy working Vela; the company encourages a social atmosphere. We have regular opportunities to meet and socialize with colleagues from different teams, which allows us to get to know one another.

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