Ednor Magcalas

Ednor Magcalas

Regional Manager, Managed Services - APAC Manila


I am the operations manager at our Manila office, which provides Managed Services to Vela’s clients globally. In addition to helping manage our HR, administrative and finance duties in the region, my role also includes a client relations component, including the management of any service issues that arise.

Daily Life

Most days begin with a review of any issues that have occurred during our overnight and have been handed over to our team in APAC to pick up. We then work to allocate any tasks to the team to ensure they are addressed as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Throughout the day I am typically involved in following up any of these issues, as well as working on various HR and administrative needs that arise.

Working Environment

One of my primary objectives is to promote effective collaboration and a happy overall working environment here in the office, and the fact that our team gets along so well is something I take great pride in. It sounds trite, but we really do treat each other as members of a family. In addition, one of the things I like the best about my role is that is there really isn’t a “typical” routine; the variety keeps me learning and energized.  

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