Brendan Bresnahan

Brendan Bresnahan

Trade Support Associate Chicago


As a Trade Support Associate, I work as part of the client-facing support team at Vela specializing in our options trading platform, Metro. My remit includes providing support covering a wide range of inquiries and issues for Metro as well as the APIs for developing and deploying custom automated trading strategies. I help our clients with training, configuration, performance and compliance plus other slightly more left field queries every now and again! The support tickets arrive with me in the form of calls, emails and remote help requests so I work across a number of channels to provide solutions as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, the client may not know the specific issue or why they can’t action something. That’s where my personal experience in trading derivatives comes in handy. My understanding of the client’s day-to-day trading requirements helps me connect with them and work quickly. Problem solving is a large part of my job at Vela, and if I don’t have the immediate answer for a client, I will investigate and collaborate with my colleagues until it’s resolved.

Daily life

I work the overnight shift in Chicago, so the end of my shift at 7AM CT often coincides with the members of my team who are starting their day shift. This is great as it allows me to stay connected to my colleagues. My first order of business is to review the day’s communications and take the reins on any open issues left from the day shift. I will then also review my own cases. I take the opportunity to familiarize myself with any new resolutions, best practices and software updates that have come about since my last shift too. It is critical that I start and end my overnight shift by working with my daytime colleagues to provide continuous, intelligent and informed coverage to our clients.

Working environment

Vela makes a real effort to keep all of its employees engaged through internal communications, team building activities and the like. This is really important to me as working the night shift could be quite isolating without Vela’s inclusion philosophy. There is always plenty of positive banter within my team and that really helps me feel like part of the group. The support team also does a great job of keeping me informed of what’s happening with our clients and that information flow helps me perform my role to the best of my ability.

I give time as a volunteer outside of work in my home community and this has been rewarding and helpful in maintaining a healthy life/work balance. I have coached youth sports, including my own son’s sports teams, for over 20 years and the positive experience through my coaching allows me to be the best version of myself. I am able to translate that approach to my job, and that is in some part down to the encouragement and support that I receive from Vela.

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