Ariel Lapuz

Ariel Lapuz

Production Engineer II Manila


I work as part of the Managed Services team in Manila, providing operational and technical support to our global clients. My role is varied, and I regularly work across multiple teams and products, helping to fix any issues that might arise. Primarily, I troubleshoot issues that impact the normal flow of data and create scripts and statistical performance reports that aid us in resolving those issues. I also facilitate weekly meetings with clients to discuss any outstanding queries.

When needed, I also work with the Development team to fix feed issues, edit new features, and work on exchange-driven changes, alongside assisting the Professional Services team with setting up newly installed servers for clients.

Daily life

I work the night shift so I start my day by going through my emails and the daily checkout reports to get up to speed with any issues that may have occurred earlier in the day. I then review any open tickets, providing clients with a status on our progress and supporting the team in their efforts to identify the problem and find a resolution. Any tickets our clients raise are usually time critical, so it is very important to keep them informed on the progress.

If any other queries arise during my shift, the main focus of my role is to provide this troubleshooting service. I also spend my time working to deploy any new software updates or releases, ensuring that they are all working properly to avoid any disruption to the next day’s trading activities.

Working environment

I really enjoy the client-facing aspect of my role and during my nine-year tenure, my confidence in dealing with critical client matters has significantly improved. Vela is a great place to work because there are plenty of opportunities to learn from a great team that values teamwork and knowledge sharing. This working environment continually encourages me to develop my skills, learn to effectively manage client expectations, and help resolve any issues they might be facing.

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