Amol Bhise

Amol Bhise

Software Engineer New York


I’ve worked as Software Engineer at Vela for the past five years, joining after I received my Masters in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton University. My primary responsibilities include developing new market data feed handlers and supporting existing our feeds as well as new feature addition development. I work closely with our clients to collect their requirements and implement them in our existing framework.

Daily Life

It’s amazing to be a part of great development team here in New York. As a Dev Lead I’m mostly involved in development of upcoming deliverables and new features for product. I work closely with my teammates, discussing new ideas and approaches to take while tackling the problem at hand. I also interact with our client support team daily and help them out with the ongoing issues and any development assistance they require. We coordinate regularly with our clients so as to make sure we are capturing their requirements correctly and communicating the progress of the ongoing developments. We work in a dynamic and fast paced environment, which makes this job very interesting.

Working Environment

Vela is a challenging place to work, but that’s one of the things I like the most about it – it feels like every day I learn something new. Here in New York we actually just moved into a new headquarters in midtown, which is exciting. The new space is modern and bright and open, fostering collaboration and teamwork. 

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