Alexandria McGrath

Alexandria McGrath

Engineering Manager New York


I manage Vela’s Data Engineering team and we’re responsible for a range of products, with a particular focus on helping the end user analyze and take control of their data.

While I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the team, based in the New York and Belfast offices, I am also responsible for assessing what potential technologies Vela already has that could be incorporated into a new product or project the business might be considering. This is really interesting for me as I am able to assess potential technologies and build an architecture plan to gather all our expertise in this area together.

On a daily basis, I also schedule and prioritize workflow, provide guidance to my team on implementation and also work with the team to review completed tasks. We are always looking for ways to work better and smarter.

Daily Life

My day always begins with contact with my team in Belfast. Because of the time difference, I start with the most urgent tasks and working with the UK team to remove any hurdles they may be facing in their working day. My afternoons can then be spent working on the more technical elements of my role.

I also interface with other departments within Vela at different times, depending on the project. Our Product, Support and Account Management teams are all involved alongside my team in order to ensure that the work we do is in line with Vela’s overall roadmap and vision. We are constantly developing new and exciting applications which also require input from other teams within the business.

Vela has, in recent times, become a more data-driven organization and my team is tasked with reviewing workflow and analytics across all areas of the business. Similarly, we work with clients to make sure we have a technical understanding of their business and requirements so we know any development we do will actually serve as a real benefit to their business too.

Working Environment

I count myself as very lucky to manage the team over in Belfast as it means I am able to travel 3-4 times a year to get the whole team together. Having started my career with Vela in the Belfast office, it is great to go back and visit. After I moved to New York I rejoined the business here, so I have a great history with the company. It is a real privilege to work with all the people at Vela. Their dedication to the work they do and the desire to do the best by the client is unparalleled and is always a great reminder to me of the positive way Vela does business.

In 2018, I was recognized at the Markets Media Markets Choice Awards as a Rising Star. I accredit some of this recognition to my colleagues at Vela.

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