Aaron Coulter

Aaron Coulter

Production Support & Monitoring Manager Belfast


I manage a production support/managed services team within our Client Services Group. We provide operational support for our market data and execution products. Internally we regularly liaise with the product, account management and infrastructure teams to ensure that the client receives a coordinated response for any inquiries.

Daily Life

I particularly enjoy the fact that no two days are the same within client support. Each day brings with it different challenges. Working in a team environment with colleagues across different offices, we are able to deliver practical solutions to high priority or routine issues for our clients. In addition to regular client meetings, my responsibilities also include running the Vela Change Approval Board (CAB) for production change scheduling/approval, Incident management and general platform maintenance. All of this has enhanced my professional development and problem solving skills. Running a global team, I work a range of US and European shifts so sometimes I can be found online during the small hours. I also have an opportunity to travel from time to time to meet with clients and other Vela teams.

Working Environment

Vela is a great place to work and it has allowed me to build a wide and varied skillset. The company encourages progression and development. I joined Vela through the NYSE Technologies acquisition as a direct entry graduate from University of Ulster and worked as a technical consultant and product specialist before transferring to the client and data services team. As a product analyst, I developed the confidence to stand in front of a crowd, present and conduct software installations globally.

As a bonus, being part of the most sociable team in the company, there is always a chance to chill out over a drink or meal, or join any of the regular social events.

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